I caught a bad case of the “Yeah Buts”…

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I caught a bad case of the “Yeah Buts”… by Kitty Oppegard


A few weeks ago I caught a bad case of the yeah buts. You know…where you are incredibly blessed in your life as a whole and things are working out pretty swimmingly… yeah, but.


It’s funny and absurd at times how we are completely negative about the things in our life.

It is also comfortable and tragic to say the least.

We lose the NOW in all that hulla-balloo.


What about right this minute?


In my jammies, with my favorite cup of coffee, on a lap top, on my new couch in my new home, on a crispy winter morning? Yeah but, I should have taken a shower and made my bed and did a load of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms……UGH.
Zaps the NOW right outta things doesn’t it?


Face it. We are professional yeah butters.

Does this sound familiar?

“Did you get a haircut, it looks so nice”…. “Yeah but it’s too short”.

Way to take a compliment there!


Think of the dozen things you did this week and caught a severe case of the Yeah Buts with it.

Eye opening isn’t it?


I pulled a card from the Oracle deck to shed some light on how to approach this and here is what I pulled:  “Eclipsed Moon.


This part hit home for me:  “Plant your feet firmly on your souls path and know everything is good and right.”



 What About

Right Now


Well isn’t that nice? See it’s not just about the little things, guys… it’s about where you are in the process of your life. If we are professional negative seekers, we can spot a problem a million miles away without a  sense that we are “right where we need to be.”

Lets stay centered and grounded in the NOW as immune booster to “The Yeah Buts.”

We can do this together, once we put a name to this seemingly harmless thing we do on a daily basis, we can start to focus on the moment. And it’s nice here in the moment isn’t it…. Yeah but I really need to get off the computer…And there it is!


Immunize yourself today against the “Yeah Buts,” you’ll feel better I promise!

6 Responses

  1. Love this. Realization is half the battle. We must spend more time in the ‘now’ and not in the past or in the future. Now is where it’s at! xxx

  2. I love this Kitty and wow can I relate 🙂 That’s how I take my compliments most of the time…I’m getting better though 😉 Thanks for calling it out even more for me 😉

    PS: I have pulled your Card many times in this New Year reminding me to live a more Intentional life! You Rock…no “yeah buts” about it!!!! <3

  3. Babies are not born optimists or pessimists – half empty/half full this is learned behaviour/conditioning and a cognitive choice and can be changed. I think the thing is to be grateful for every moment every day and notice the gifts that are always there for us to enjoy. And be thankful. xx

  4. Thanks for this great post. I am so familiar with the Yahbuts. I love that you called on the wisdom of the oracle to help you accept all the wonderfulness of your now.

  5. Wonderful. Wonderful post, I’m a ‘yeah butter’ from long ago, I ahsll keep your words in mind next time I say ” thanks, yeah but……”. You are such a guiding light Mz Kitty. Xx

  6. I know I have been allowing the “yeah buts” in a bit more lately. It’s nice to have a reminder that this moment is all I need. Thank you!

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