Change of HeArt ~ by Jo Parker

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Are you ready to hold these cards in your hands, knowing there is purity and love within given freely by women who trusted their hearts?
They put Faith, Love and Hope into an idea that grew.  For What?

For change. Change of Heart.



 Jo Parker 1
I sit here pen in hand, cards in the other feeling the energy flowing into my left hand and circling around coming through my right hand and pen. Having never written a blog, I have put off doing it.  Thinking what is it I can share here that can possibly impact others… My way is usually through photo and my art (painting)…not words..Something in me shifted this morning as I was going through my photos on my computer and I heard a voice say WOW…who is this amazingly creative woman…Look at what she has created,family,friends,garden,photos of all kinds including nature,art ,women, drumming circles,drums,good food,celebrations….All of who I am for me to view. I saw someone interesting,caring and creative and filled with gratitude and love…Someone I knew I could love back. I saw me…In the journey of healing I have found myself. I am remembering why I am here.
Jo Parker 3
Jo Parker 2
This deck of cards I hold in my hands was a turning point in my life, A time to remember who I was.

These cards represent an Awakening and I believe from my heART that because of the love instilled in these cards that they are an amazing gift you can give yourself when you are ready to step across the threshold of memory to who you are…



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  1. Jo the beauty of your post, the beauty of who YOU are brought me to tears. full of joy and gratitude to have you in my life! So much love to you 🙂

  2. Cathy Parker

    Just beautiful words and beautiful work. I am so very proud of you mom. I love getting to see you “Become” more.

  3. Heather Parker

    You said: “I saw someone interesting,caring and creative and filled with gratitude and love…”
    I say: “that is the someone I have seen for many years and loved so much!!” You are such a gift to this world and to women especially Jo-Anne.”

  4. Jo, your courage in sharing exactly who and where you are in this process is always beautiful and humbling to witness. You are forever my anam cara. Love love!

  5. Laurie Martin

    Congratulations on writing this blog Jo Anne. You really are amazing…and, so Brave!

  6. Whinnie Calhoun

    JoTree, you are exactly what this world needs right now. Your voice in all its forms fuels the collective healing energy… You have impacted my heart so with your ability to connect with loving presence though we’ve never met face to face. <3 Miigwetch,

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