Weekend Gathering with Jo Parker

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To my sisters: My heart is so full of gratitude and I want to share every moment with you all…but to express all the feelings of love and gratitude shared with me from this group of women I connected with on this wonderful weekend will be difficult.

They expressed passion, compassion, empathy and real love amongst each other and made me promise to share it all with you. They held the cards in reverence and awe, grateful for the opportunity to learn from the hearts who add shared love through these cards. I had women take me aside to share their connection to the cards …their immediate connection.


I have thought about all this love and I will paint to express what i felt and what I need to share. It was such an honour to represent all of us this past weekend…if you can feel my hugs this is for you!


Most of the women were totally blown away by the messages which they held in their hands…Quick and direct to their hearts…


Since the weekend, I have had women send me personal messages on their experiences with “Awakening to your Divine Self” …Uplifting and full of Grace…


I also want to share a very helpful card spread that works perfectly, with the cards created by one of the Fearless Sisters, Jill Chesrow.



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  1. So incredibly happy that the Awakening To Your Divine Self Oracle Cards are impacting so many dynamic women around the world and so many wonderful Fearless Sisters are sharing their gifts in many different ways 🙂 Jo you are AWESOME!

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