Great Card Spread! Deeper Insight + Specific Action Steps = Tangible Results

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By Jill Marie Chesrow from


I love the Be, Do, Have, Give and Create Oracle Card Spread for doing Readings with the Awakening to Your Divine Self  Oracle deck!


I had been pulling one card a day for a few months or doing the Cross of Truth 5 Card spread (I learned the Cross of Truth Spread from the Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw and I love it!) and one day I wanted to go deeper and connect with the insight I was receiving from the cards in a more tangible way. I wanted clearer examples of action steps that I could take. I was guided to trace my hand in my journal and assign each finger a specific meaning. I am a Soul Art® Guide so I am used to BodyMapping as part of my creative process.


I ask, “What do I need to Be, Do, Have, Give and Create in regards to my question.”


I pull a card, write it down on the paper along with my initial thoughts, return the card to the deck, reshuffle, move to the next position, and redraw a card for the next verb/finger space. Here’s what the steps look like:



Step One:


First, formulate a question based on a specific Intention or goal, or ask a more general question and use it in this formula:


What do I need to ________________ (Be, Do, Have, Give, Create) to experience






What is for my highest and greatest good to _____________(Be, Do, Have, Give, Create) today as I go about my day in alignment with my True Essence?



Pinky Finger = Be (Pull one card)

Ring Finger = Do (Pull one card)

Middle Finger = Have (Pull one card)

Index Finger = Give (Pull one card)

Thumb = Create (Pull one card)




Step 2: Write out your question at the top of your paper and then trace your hand.



Reading  Pic One


Step 3: While asking your question out loud or in your minds eye give each verb its own moment in the sun. For example:


First ask “What do I need to Be to experience __________ in my life?”


Step 4: Write down the name of the card and any immediate insight that comes up. Repeat this for Do, Have, Give and Create.


Step 5: After you have asked all 5 questions and write down your initial insights, then go and look at the booklet to see if any additional information illuminates off the page. Add any additional thoughts, ideas or insights onto your paper.


Step 6: The Story Revealed. Now that you have the initial insight you will want to reveal the new story that is emerging. Take all the insight and let your Intuitive Self write a paragraph or two.


Step 7: Action Steps. With that insight and story what action steps do you see? Write out 1 to 3 action steps that you will take and by when.


“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.”

~ Mary Morrissey



Step 8: This step can be woven throughout the process:


You may want to make your reading more alive with some color, doodling, maybe even some collage to add to your creative flow and balance the amount of time you are in the left side of your brain ~ your more analytical side. By adding that creative flair, while not totally necessary for this reading, the insight will flow more freely. By adding collage you may get additional insight as well.


Reading Pic 2


Give it a try if it calls to you and let us know how you liked it! Hope you enjoy it 😉


With Heart,


Jill Marie Chesrow

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I don’t have the deck, but I might try out the technique anyway. 🙂

  2. What a great idea Jill, I can’t wait to give this a try with my own deck!

  3. LOVED this!!! Received FABULOUS insight!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. This looks like a really fun way to get an in depth reading. Your deck is so beautiful!

  5. Wow, i really love this Jill, what a creative way to gain more depth from our cards. Also a means to keep the wisdom close at hand in such a visual way so that we live what we discover. I often pick a card, believe its exactly what i need t do then promptly forget as i move forward. I will try this for sure. Thanks so much <3

  6. Jill, I love this! I love the thoughts behind Tarot reading and having them read for me. I’ve even bought a couple of books on it; but I have to say, it’s so confusing to me! So I generally just pull a card from my tarot deck and meditate on it and generally that gives me a perspective that leaves me open to see the possibilities. I’m definitely going to do it this way, to see where I go next! Thanks for this!!! 🙂

  7. This is wonderful. Jill thanks so much. You have so many gifts and I love how you share them Your spiritual knowledge and your ability to make your knowledge practical is very gratifying– you make it accessible. Love you. I can’t wait to try this.

  8. This is fantastic! I love the questions. I want to try doing a spread and also doing some free writing with those. They feel so strong. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Thank you so much Jill for the amazing synchronic reading! Gave me a lot of insights and confirmations. Feel more empowered now for my new journey! Thanks to the Universe too, to bring me your gifts of healing today, unexpectedly, when I was needing so much. Love, Jayada

  10. This spread is amazing. Just did a reading and oh my god. So much clarity! So much divine connection. Used the deck as well, it’s so beautiful 🙂

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