Being in the Flow of Life with Artist Corina Thomas


I grew up in a country far away, a beautiful country of snow capped mountains, rushing streams, lush green pastures, our own world heritage delta, and one of the last great wildernesses in greater Europe for bears and wolves to roam free.

So I also grew up in a country where queuing for bread and meat for 24 hours in the winter snows and the relentless heat of summer days was just the way it was, where studying often had to be by candlelight, where the long arms and fingers of the security police re-wrote the personality of my country, possibly forever. I grew up in Romania. 

But I was lucky, our bloody revolution in 1989 coincided with my university years. To my parent’s generation I landed on the moon, a country and a system that was unrecognisable to them. 

I was swept away by this new world, taking for granted that it was my duty to become a part of someone else’s wisdom. Without thinking I left behind my engineering degree and joined the first advertising agency to open its doors, then launched the first colour women’s magazine in Romania for the same US owners, then worked in the HIV/AIDS prevention field in Romania for a Washington, US parent who invited me to mentor even younger and poorer teams than us in Lesotho, Swaziland and Albania. 


But all of this changed dramatically. My life took on a completely different direction. 

It all started with my father’s terminal illness eleven years ago when my fiancé brought me a painting by numbers kit from England. He doesn’t know why he did that as arts and crafts were never a part of my life. But what I discovered was that while painting hours went by in a flash, that I was transported to another place in my mind where I was able to forget the painful reality of my father’s fight for his life in a medical system where basic humanity and care had to be bought with cash.  

From “engineers” painting by numbers, my newfound fascination with art and my new life in England led me to postcard size watercolours, to oils and acrylics and to the magical world of mixed media, a medium that I found fed my lifelong curiosity and love of experimentation. 

Three years ago intuitive painting came into my life. What I discovered was that the world of intuitive painting was so much more than anything else that I’ve done before. You allow your subconscious mind to take hold of the brushes, you are gradually in a trance state, you are somewhere else. The subconscious mind draws the lines, outlines the shapes, selects the colours. Then, at some unpredictable moment the conscious mind recognizes where it has been taken, it sees, and it can re-possess the brushes. Intuitive painting has enabled me to peel back the layers of conditioning and traumas of my past, to see who I am and to see where I want my journey through life to take me.



What I also now know is that art heals souls, it heals people and it can heal communities. It has the capacity to connect.  I know this because three years ago The Fearless Sisters group also came into my life. United by love, intuition, passion and knowledge, the Fearless Sisters, 39 intuitive artists and healers from all around the world, me included, who had never met each other, created 44 beautifully illustrated Oracle Deck cards “Awakening to your Divine Self”. Each card is aimed to inspire the reader to reconnect with their fearless soul, believing that when you love yourself you will feel more worth and deserving to enjoy life.

The moon is a lovely place. 

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  1. Sweet Corona _your story and artwork are inspirational and testament to the fact we all possess great creativity if we are conscious enough and courageous enough to tread the path.

  2. Corina your art and wisdom touch my heart. I am forever grateful to have you as a Fearless Sister 😉 Thank you for inspiring me with your art <3

  3. I love your use of such vibrant colors

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