Corina Stupu Thomas

Believe in Sisterhood
“Believe in Sisterhood”

I couple of years ago, I took a leap into the dark, not for the first time, but for the first time in England. I left the corporate world behind me in order to re-take my freedom, my freedom to paint, my freedom to write, and my freedom to connect with people with powerful dreams and a passion to make these come alive.

And my mind always takes me back to that lovely first advertising agency that I had joined so long ago after university, and to the very special American couple who had come ashore on our Black Sea coast from their round the world sailing trip, who had opened the agency’s doors and taught me “the importance of being true to yourself and your values”.

So I am now working to make a new living again, a living that is in harmony with my values, this time using my brushes, creative inspiration, and a strong passion for women empowerment.

For me it’s all about helping women find their voice, their inner freedom, speak up, transform their world, the world around them, connect and discover the power of sisterhood.

Of course with freedom comes new challenges. The citizens of Romania discovered this in 1989 – the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail and to fall. It’s a new beginning for me now but my past experiences have made me who I am, and my values and past experiences are the ones that I connect with now to give me strength and confidence.