Jennifer Schildknecht


I am Jennifer Schildknecht, aka Moon Mama.
And before you ask, it’s pronounced shield-connect.
Hey, it’s not as complicated as it looks, but folks still seem to have a hard time with it.

I’m a wife, mama, painter, lover, intuitive, healer, and writer…not necessarily in that order….an all ’round Creative Soul.
I’m wife to Tim, who is sometimes known as The Canadian, Mama to Parker, Bonnie, Will, Sam and Hannah, and now Grandmother to the amazing Isabeau.

I like to call myself a “multi-media” artist…not the same thing as a mixed-media artist. I paint (on walls, on floors, on furniture, on clothing, oh and sometimes even on canvas!); I draw, sew, quilt; sometimes I even do a little “mixed media”, but often my creations are a hodge-podge of any or all of the above… always learning something new. I’m not really sure there’s a name for the sort of creating that I do…not really sure I want to be pigeon-holed as a particular “type” of artist anyway.

Moon Mama….everybody asks.
Yes, there’s a story. Of course there’s a story. Isn’t there always a story?
Visit me at to hear it.

I’ve struggled my entire life with a string of chronic illnesses …with pain and limitation, with lack, and I decided I’d had enough of that nonsense.
I discovered that delving into my creativity could heal me, and by that diving deep, I started to heal.
Then I was overcome by the desire to branch out….to grow and expand and to find ways to help others….to preach the word CREATIVITY HEALS!

Not only did I want my work to make people happy, I wanted to help them to feel good….good in their bodies, good in their minds, good in their spirits.

Personal responsibility and the light, the strength, the power that’s inside each one of us…I’ve learned so much about these attributes since I put my foot down. And I’m always discovering new ways to help…myself and those around me.
My desire is to teach and support anyone else who is struggling and wants to change things and start to live again!

I’ve been helping to empower others through creativity workshops, especially children and teens, but I’m now offering life coaching and Reiki healing sessions, as well as more adult workshops. I’m planning to hold more art shows and I’m dreaming of holding more retreats in the near future.
I now have a studio at home, as well as a cozy and colorful space overlooking downtown Athens, Georgia, perfect for fulfilling all of our creative dreams!
There are so many possibilities—to help, to heal, to create, Moon Mama is now working under the umbrella of Over the Moon Creative Possibilities.

I can be found all around the internet, but particularly at
My artwork is housed at
Much of it can also be found at