Julie Medley


Dayton, Ohio, USA

I am a Medium, working to develop my psychic skills and very beginning artist skills to bring the absolute very best experience to you! When not giving readings/ playing with art, I am taking care of my family, working, and going back to college. Plus, I started a website where I blog about my city, metaphysics and interesting people and happenings. That all keeps me pretty busy!
My life really went through some changes when I turned 40. I had a lot of difficulties with my family of origin and my husband. It seemed as if my whole support system had left. And at the suggestion of a therapist, I started to do art as a way to take my mind off of life’s issues. Then magic and miracles began to happen. I would put brush to paper while thinking of a particular difficulty and suddenly information would just come out in the art. And life got better. Not great. That would be a lie. But much, much better.
So, I want to show you how to do this too. It’s amazing. And the truth is, you can improve your life with just one little ole’ paint brush!

I would love to connect with you!
Here’s my website: alitedayton.com
and I am on Facebook: facebook.com/Julielovesspiritart
Twitter too: twitter.com/julie_medley

But my favorite of the social media sites is Pinterest: pinterest.com/jewelsmedley/boards

Come join me. Let’s find out what Spirit has in store for us, together!