Kim Philips Van Buren

Fearless Joy
“Fearless Joy”


I’m Kim, otherwise known as “The Dutchess of Orange” and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of this wonderful, amazing, juicy project. The cards we present here to you are so full of love, inspiration, comfort and joy that I wish I could keep them all and decorate my home with them! But…. that wouldn’t be fair to all of you!

Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.
I am a Dutch girl living in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands. I’m also 36, a teacher, a painter, an art journaler, a knitter, a stamp maker – in other words: a Creative Soul. I’ve been making art for as long I can remember, from simple doodles to paintings, from stamps to presents and creative books for my friends.

I spend my days teaching at an elementary school, mostly to the younger children (4 and 5 years old) and my nights and weekends teaching Juicy Art in online workshops and at my own studio.

I love creating stuff with my hands (and feet sometimes) and I absolutely love teaching. To me: Art is Joy. Teaching is Joy. Bring them together & you come up with what my life, my website, my studio and my workshops are all about.

It is my mission to squeeze every last juicy drop out of life and to inspire others to do the same.

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I hope you will come visit me in my studio or join me in an online workshop!

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