Our Sister Kimberly Davis passed away in May 2015.  Her bright and beautiful light continues to shine through the hearts of all who loved her.  Thank you Kimberly for gracing the lives of all who knew you.  Forever our Fearless Sister, we love you.


Kimberly Davis practices mindfulness and heart-centered creation in her work as an intuitive painter, fiber artist, teacher, coach, and writer. She believes that creating art can heal our beautiful hearts, help us discover our deepest selves, and radically transform our relationships with each other and our world. She co-owns Stitch Your Art Out, a quilting and knitting shop located just outside State College, Pennsylvania, where she has inspired and guided women to discover their creative hearts for over ten years.As an intuitive painter, she allows the painting process to evolve with a natural flow. She steps in front of the easel with no preconceptions of what she will create. This is a mindful process in which each brushstroke inspires a response and soon the painting takes on a life beyond anything she could have dreamed. In front of her easel she has loved, danced, dreamed, cried, laughed, and healed as she’s painted her way back to her self.

She began her creative journey as a quilter in 2000 and honors that heritage in her work as a fiber artist. She loves to play with combining paint, stitch, and patchwork in her art. As she stretches the boundaries of both mediums–fiber and paint–she leaves viewers wondering whether it’s a quilt or a painting.

She’s passionate about sharing her deep love for the creative process with other women. She teaches class, leads workshops, and hosts retreats all with the intention to help women discover or deepen their journey on the creative path. Her inspirational talks motivate, instruct, and inform listeners about the creative process. And as a creativity coach, she helps guide women into a deeper relationship with their own creative hearts.