Breath Awareness

As an Awareness Artist, I invite us all to weave mindful awareness + creative play throughout our everyday lives.  I am not interested in adding one more thing to our to-do list; rather, in awakening a curiosity and engagement with what is.

A background in Psychology, holistic wellness, photography, creative expression through art, yoga, and Shambhala Buddhism – as well as my role of mom to my two young children – provides the framework and often a language for my work.  But it is the desire to experience the stuff of Everyday Life with wonder, non-judgment, and ease of breathand the calling to guide others who wish to do the same … that gets me out of bed each morning.

My world work takes the form of Being Breath, offerings of art + contemplative practices.  Through a blog, encaustic and mixed media art, and ongoing classes in creativity + contemplation, I practice guiding you to ask those questions that break you open … not providing you with comfortable answers.  I gently push us to make the ups and downs of Everyday Life our practice.

Together, we expand into the flow of being breath.


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