Melissa Dowling


Queensland, Australia

I am an Intuitive Artist and a recovering procrastinating perfectionist! I express my creativity through a variety of media and I hope, through the way I experience LIFE itself.

I live on a farm near a small rural community with my husband and best friend, my 3 beautiful children and a menagerie of animal friends.I complete a daily Gratitude activity through photography. This is not just an act of Mindfulness and Gratitude but is also a Creative outlet for me. The exercise keeps me looking for the Positives through my day, especially on the tough days. It is a celebration of the world’s wonderful gifts.

I’ve created my entire life in one form or another. I wanted to pursue art as a career and became a secondary art teacher.
Since having a family, with a few extra challenges, (we have a child whom is “differently abled”), my art making went onto the back-burner, only coming to the fore when I needed an emotional outlet. Since re-claiming my need to create art, I have also re-claimed time to nourish myself, and in doing so my life has expanded in ways I never dreamed.
My life is so much the more beautiful, more creative, more in touch with the Devine Feminine, more juicy and rich beyond words, for having become part of this amazing Tribe of Fearless Sisters.

Some days I feel like I’m just meeting my-self, again…… and, for the first time all-in-one………