The Collaborative Cycle of the Cards with Artist and Creativity Activist Jane Cunningham



I was honoured to join the circle of women from around the world who answered Jill’s call to create the deck, Awakening to Your Divine Self. I think the beauty of the deck began there with a brave woman listening to the call in her heart and speaking that call out into the world.





Or maybe it began even further back with women who were drawn to Connie’s side to express and experience creative freedom with her Fearless Painting. The genesis of a creative act can be carried back far further than chronological time reliably records. Who inspires or sparks whom is like a generative cycle that really has no beginning.
The oracle cards have worked a similar generative cycle in my work with them in. After Jill and her amazing team had compiled printed and published the cards, I began to work with them here in my home town of Whangarei. Whangarei is a town in the North of the North island of New Zealand and we are lucky enough to have a community arts hub called Quarry Arts which a visionary 60’s potter named Yvonne Rust left as her legacy.
About a year ago I decided to put out the call for women to join me for a 2 hour journey of self-exploration every Monday morning. The idea I held space for was that this time and space wasn’t about making something beautiful, rather that we turned up bravely for ourselves, on our own side, gained insight and offered solace to ourselves, exploring our inner landscape through the medium of journaling.
Each week we work with a card drawn the week before. We notice how the theme of that card appears to us during the week; we notice how our dreams and the symbols and images that arrest us during that week impact on our understanding of the theme of the card and therefore on our lives as women.


catching fire awaken



We gather in circle and discuss what the theme has revealed to us. We do not offer advice or still a woman if she experiences sadness, rather we trust that each member of the circle is wise and strong enough to hold her truth.

I often offer up a technique related to the theme and then in silence each woman attends to her page. Noticing and trusting what arises, taking care of herself. There is a wide variety of art supplies available which I deliberately keep to the craft end of equipment. I want to encourage women to work in their journals at home, not needing to have expensive equipment or tools.

Each time we leave the space each woman has been transported to her inner landscape. She has been strengthened by her own inner gaze.

The magic of the cards is immense. Cards have risen to support women in times of struggle and joy. On the week before one of our members went in for IVF we drew the Incubate card. On a day when a woman who has a brain injury was mourning her loss we worked with Restore. The cards are like medicine. Sometimes the ones whose meanings are not immediately clear draw the most insight. The cards that are soft can provide comfort and the cards that are strong offer gentle strengthening and shedding.
For me often when a card arises I recognise the work of a friend and feel their presence in the room. I feel supported and held by the wairua (spirit) of that woman that comes through the card.

In this way that which was made by a creative collaboration collaborates with women on their journey of self-reflection as individuals, it connects to the wider woman’s circle we hold and across the world as it reaches from the creator of the card to the heart of the woman as she creates.

Allowing the cards to open a pathway to transformation by giving them space to speak has been a transformative process and one I am intend to hold space for, for some time not just because the process is powerful for the women who come with courage but for me too. I love being in the presence of magic.






Jane Cunningham is a conduit for Love and a creativity activist.  She lives in Aotearoa New Zealand and works as an artist, teacher and soul worker.

You can read more about her work at

Being in the Flow of Life with Artist Corina Thomas


I grew up in a country far away, a beautiful country of snow capped mountains, rushing streams, lush green pastures, our own world heritage delta, and one of the last great wildernesses in greater Europe for bears and wolves to roam free.

So I also grew up in a country where queuing for bread and meat for 24 hours in the winter snows and the relentless heat of summer days was just the way it was, where studying often had to be by candlelight, where the long arms and fingers of the security police re-wrote the personality of my country, possibly forever. I grew up in Romania. 

But I was lucky, our bloody revolution in 1989 coincided with my university years. To my parent’s generation I landed on the moon, a country and a system that was unrecognisable to them. 

I was swept away by this new world, taking for granted that it was my duty to become a part of someone else’s wisdom. Without thinking I left behind my engineering degree and joined the first advertising agency to open its doors, then launched the first colour women’s magazine in Romania for the same US owners, then worked in the HIV/AIDS prevention field in Romania for a Washington, US parent who invited me to mentor even younger and poorer teams than us in Lesotho, Swaziland and Albania. 


But all of this changed dramatically. My life took on a completely different direction. 

It all started with my father’s terminal illness eleven years ago when my fiancé brought me a painting by numbers kit from England. He doesn’t know why he did that as arts and crafts were never a part of my life. But what I discovered was that while painting hours went by in a flash, that I was transported to another place in my mind where I was able to forget the painful reality of my father’s fight for his life in a medical system where basic humanity and care had to be bought with cash.  

From “engineers” painting by numbers, my newfound fascination with art and my new life in England led me to postcard size watercolours, to oils and acrylics and to the magical world of mixed media, a medium that I found fed my lifelong curiosity and love of experimentation. 

Three years ago intuitive painting came into my life. What I discovered was that the world of intuitive painting was so much more than anything else that I’ve done before. You allow your subconscious mind to take hold of the brushes, you are gradually in a trance state, you are somewhere else. The subconscious mind draws the lines, outlines the shapes, selects the colours. Then, at some unpredictable moment the conscious mind recognizes where it has been taken, it sees, and it can re-possess the brushes. Intuitive painting has enabled me to peel back the layers of conditioning and traumas of my past, to see who I am and to see where I want my journey through life to take me.



What I also now know is that art heals souls, it heals people and it can heal communities. It has the capacity to connect.  I know this because three years ago The Fearless Sisters group also came into my life. United by love, intuition, passion and knowledge, the Fearless Sisters, 39 intuitive artists and healers from all around the world, me included, who had never met each other, created 44 beautifully illustrated Oracle Deck cards “Awakening to your Divine Self”. Each card is aimed to inspire the reader to reconnect with their fearless soul, believing that when you love yourself you will feel more worth and deserving to enjoy life.

The moon is a lovely place. 

See more at, and

Great Card Spread! Deeper Insight + Specific Action Steps = Tangible Results

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By Jill Marie Chesrow from


I love the Be, Do, Have, Give and Create Oracle Card Spread for doing Readings with the Awakening to Your Divine Self  Oracle deck!


I had been pulling one card a day for a few months or doing the Cross of Truth 5 Card spread (I learned the Cross of Truth Spread from the Easy Tarot Handbook by Josephine Ellershaw and I love it!) and one day I wanted to go deeper and connect with the insight I was receiving from the cards in a more tangible way. I wanted clearer examples of action steps that I could take. I was guided to trace my hand in my journal and assign each finger a specific meaning. I am a Soul Art® Guide so I am used to BodyMapping as part of my creative process.


I ask, “What do I need to Be, Do, Have, Give and Create in regards to my question.”


I pull a card, write it down on the paper along with my initial thoughts, return the card to the deck, reshuffle, move to the next position, and redraw a card for the next verb/finger space. Here’s what the steps look like:



Step One:


First, formulate a question based on a specific Intention or goal, or ask a more general question and use it in this formula:


What do I need to ________________ (Be, Do, Have, Give, Create) to experience






What is for my highest and greatest good to _____________(Be, Do, Have, Give, Create) today as I go about my day in alignment with my True Essence?



Pinky Finger = Be (Pull one card)

Ring Finger = Do (Pull one card)

Middle Finger = Have (Pull one card)

Index Finger = Give (Pull one card)

Thumb = Create (Pull one card)




Step 2: Write out your question at the top of your paper and then trace your hand.



Reading  Pic One


Step 3: While asking your question out loud or in your minds eye give each verb its own moment in the sun. For example:


First ask “What do I need to Be to experience __________ in my life?”


Step 4: Write down the name of the card and any immediate insight that comes up. Repeat this for Do, Have, Give and Create.


Step 5: After you have asked all 5 questions and write down your initial insights, then go and look at the booklet to see if any additional information illuminates off the page. Add any additional thoughts, ideas or insights onto your paper.


Step 6: The Story Revealed. Now that you have the initial insight you will want to reveal the new story that is emerging. Take all the insight and let your Intuitive Self write a paragraph or two.


Step 7: Action Steps. With that insight and story what action steps do you see? Write out 1 to 3 action steps that you will take and by when.


“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.”

~ Mary Morrissey



Step 8: This step can be woven throughout the process:


You may want to make your reading more alive with some color, doodling, maybe even some collage to add to your creative flow and balance the amount of time you are in the left side of your brain ~ your more analytical side. By adding that creative flair, while not totally necessary for this reading, the insight will flow more freely. By adding collage you may get additional insight as well.


Reading Pic 2


Give it a try if it calls to you and let us know how you liked it! Hope you enjoy it 😉


With Heart,


Jill Marie Chesrow

Weekend Gathering with Jo Parker

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To my sisters: My heart is so full of gratitude and I want to share every moment with you all…but to express all the feelings of love and gratitude shared with me from this group of women I connected with on this wonderful weekend will be difficult.

They expressed passion, compassion, empathy and real love amongst each other and made me promise to share it all with you. They held the cards in reverence and awe, grateful for the opportunity to learn from the hearts who add shared love through these cards. I had women take me aside to share their connection to the cards …their immediate connection.


I have thought about all this love and I will paint to express what i felt and what I need to share. It was such an honour to represent all of us this past weekend…if you can feel my hugs this is for you!


Most of the women were totally blown away by the messages which they held in their hands…Quick and direct to their hearts…


Since the weekend, I have had women send me personal messages on their experiences with “Awakening to your Divine Self” …Uplifting and full of Grace…


I also want to share a very helpful card spread that works perfectly, with the cards created by one of the Fearless Sisters, Jill Chesrow.



Soul At The Table with Deborah Milton

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Originally blogged by Deborah Milton on AwakeningStorylines


My friend, Sondra, asks me to join her and another friend for Happy Hour at a local pub. I have never been much of a pub goer, so the first time she asked, I was kind of relieved not to be able to join them. But the second time, I am free. She’s “near and dear” to me so I think, “What the heck, Deborah, step out of your box.”

I arrive about 15 minutes late but neither of them is there so I exit the noisy, jangly energy of the bar with relief. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

But as luck would have it, Sondra is hanging out in the clothes store nearby and hails me from across the parking lot. We enter the pub, find an empty high square table and a few extra tall chairs so we can sit. Our other friend, even later than we are, arrives, and our conversation heats up, in the sense of deep thoughts being bandied about in between bantering with the waiter and ordering our glasses of inexpensive wine. Then to my delight a third friend shows up, all of us elder types, but vibrant elder types if I do say so myself.

But then, but then, the daughter of a dear friend arrives. Only 22, she amazes me with her perspectives and her enjoyment hanging out with US. What a blessing!

Sondra, with a glint in her eye, starts fishing around in her purse. Triumphantly, she pulls her hand out of the bag clutching the deck of Fearless Sisters Oracle Cards.

“Are you ready to pull one?”

Even though I’m amazed that we’re embarking on a card reading in a noisy public place, I nod my head, ”Yes.” We pass the deck around, shuffling and cutting and generally putting our energy into the pack, each choosing the perfect card!

Intention, You Are Enough, Storms, Compassion and Intuition…


At one point, we are so excited by the perfection of the unique wisdom and personally relevant information showing up that the five of us erupt into spontaneous applause. The entire pub quiets for a few seconds as heads turn to see what’s happening. Nothing anyone can see and the hubbub resumes, but I experience the bubble of loving exuberance at our table rippling throughout the room.

After we finish, my friends can’t stop talking about why this deck of cards seems so different from other oracle decks. Here’s my attempt at capturing their enthusiastic comments… so rich that I grab a scrap of paper to take rudimentary notes:

These cards are each gorgeous and perfect because they are unique, clearly expressing the truth of each woman who painted it.

The intention of “creating a soul-filled set of cards and messages to nurture, support, guide and inspire you to reconnect with your fearless soul” clearly guided each artist as she intuitively expressed what she wanted to say and needed to paint.

Being committed to that vision kept all the artists on track and that authentic voice shines through.

The artists’ honesty joins with the readers’ own authenticity, making it easier to embrace the truths we each personally need to recognize.

The cards offer a powerful invitation to get real, to step courageously into life.


The most important thing my friends said, though, is this: Your “work” is not done. The journey of awakening that the Fearless Sisters Oracle Card Deck inspires has only just begun!!!

And I really do hope Sondra invites me to Happy Hour again!

Change of HeArt ~ by Jo Parker

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Are you ready to hold these cards in your hands, knowing there is purity and love within given freely by women who trusted their hearts?
They put Faith, Love and Hope into an idea that grew.  For What?

For change. Change of Heart.



 Jo Parker 1
I sit here pen in hand, cards in the other feeling the energy flowing into my left hand and circling around coming through my right hand and pen. Having never written a blog, I have put off doing it.  Thinking what is it I can share here that can possibly impact others… My way is usually through photo and my art (painting)…not words..Something in me shifted this morning as I was going through my photos on my computer and I heard a voice say WOW…who is this amazingly creative woman…Look at what she has created,family,friends,garden,photos of all kinds including nature,art ,women, drumming circles,drums,good food,celebrations….All of who I am for me to view. I saw someone interesting,caring and creative and filled with gratitude and love…Someone I knew I could love back. I saw me…In the journey of healing I have found myself. I am remembering why I am here.
Jo Parker 3
Jo Parker 2
This deck of cards I hold in my hands was a turning point in my life, A time to remember who I was.

These cards represent an Awakening and I believe from my heART that because of the love instilled in these cards that they are an amazing gift you can give yourself when you are ready to step across the threshold of memory to who you are…



Tree Of LifeBirthing Wild Acceptance

Sue Kosharek on “Waiting”

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Waiting by Sue Kosharek

Awakening to your Divine Self with Sue Kosharek
Awakening to your Divine Self with Sue Kosharek



My life has been in transition for about 2 1/2 years now.


A very abbreviated explanation is: empty nest. With the majority of the past 20 years of my life spent raising and homeschooling children, this is a major change for me. I had a plan.


Before children, I was a Registered Dietitian in private practice. I had some significant adjustments in giving that up, but I got thru it. As an outlet, I started creating all kinds of art. I had a 10 year plan, so that when the kids left, I would ease into a new path. It was a good plan.


I’m not sure what happened. I was blindsided by the grief I experienced when they started leaving. For awhile I didn’t want anything to do with art. Slowly I started creating again; but it was obvious my 10 year plan wasn’t going to work. I had no idea of what I might want to next. I prayed for guidance. I prayed for direction. I prayed for a clue. I prayed and prayed.


The message I kept getting (sometimes in painful ways) was “It’s time to wait”. Waiting became my constant companion. I learned that waiting doesn’t mean doing nothing, or that nothing is happening. Sometimes it means that the timing isn’t right, the people you are going to work with aren’t ready, you need time to recharge or heal, you have another lesson to learn. It could mean many things. But it doesn’t mean I’m being punished, or that I’ve done something wrong, or that I will have to wait forever……


So as I wait, I am open to receive the blessings of the universe. Sometimes I imagine these blessings showering down on me, like drops of golden light. I also learn from the eagle, who waits for the moment. Not running around trying to make things happen, or feeling guilty for waiting.


Sue Kosharek  Artist Biography

Sue Kosharek 200

From intuitive painting to Fearless Sisters

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Here is more love and appreciation from our beautiful fearless sister Corina Stupu Thomas


From intuitive painting to Fearless Sisters

“Trust is the basis of any nurturing and evolutionary relationship” – Deepak Chopra

A couple of years ago when I was on  the brink of taking the leap, making the transition from being an employee in London to becoming self employed, I came across on line art courses. It was a new concept for me and I wish I knew now what had made me search for such courses.

 Journal Corina

………probably the unhappiness of my work environmnent where brain washing, bullying, lying and manipulation seemed to take place most days.


I am a firm believer that there are no such things as pure coincidences. So I do believe that I had to go through those traumatic moments, to reach the lowest emotional wellbeing levels …….in order to find the first intuitive painting e-course, one taught by an inspiring artist Connie Hozvicka. Little did I guess then that two and a bit years later I would still be in touch with the amazing souls that witnessed my first shaky steps in the world of intuitive art……and little did I know that together with 39 amazing souls I was going to create and share with the world a project we call “The awakening to your divine self” oracle cards. 


 Oracle Deck ritual

But, first things first … “Calling for like minded people” is one of my first paintings created intuitively, late at night, in the last weeks before I took the leap to “freedom”. After years of surviving in a dry environment, where “grey” was the norm,  there is perhaps no surprise that I was searching for a tribe where I felt at home, where I felt that I belonged.

It was a suprise to me to find so many kindred spirits among the women taking Connie’s course “Painting BIG”; it was a surprise to me to notice the warmth, compassion and support that I felt, the nurturing bubble we were all in –  and that lovely state continued even after the course ended. Why? – one of the main reasons was and is , I really believe, the TRUST we had in each other.

Two years later TRUST became the 40th member of our group. Two years later, the tribe, the sisterhood is as strong as it was on the first day. Everything started with intuitive painting, sharing our emotions, sharing our vulnerability, being open with each other, believing in kindness, compassion, believing in meaningful lives ….. ……. and remember, we’ve never seen each other, we live on different continents and yet … we are always there for each other ………


 Trust Believe Connect

                          Calling for like minded people


You can view Corina’s Artwork and read her wonderful blog @  Searching for Happiness

I caught a bad case of the “Yeah Buts”…

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I caught a bad case of the “Yeah Buts”… by Kitty Oppegard


A few weeks ago I caught a bad case of the yeah buts. You know…where you are incredibly blessed in your life as a whole and things are working out pretty swimmingly… yeah, but.


It’s funny and absurd at times how we are completely negative about the things in our life.

It is also comfortable and tragic to say the least.

We lose the NOW in all that hulla-balloo.


What about right this minute?


In my jammies, with my favorite cup of coffee, on a lap top, on my new couch in my new home, on a crispy winter morning? Yeah but, I should have taken a shower and made my bed and did a load of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms……UGH.
Zaps the NOW right outta things doesn’t it?


Face it. We are professional yeah butters.

Does this sound familiar?

“Did you get a haircut, it looks so nice”…. “Yeah but it’s too short”.

Way to take a compliment there!


Think of the dozen things you did this week and caught a severe case of the Yeah Buts with it.

Eye opening isn’t it?


I pulled a card from the Oracle deck to shed some light on how to approach this and here is what I pulled:  “Eclipsed Moon.


This part hit home for me:  “Plant your feet firmly on your souls path and know everything is good and right.”



 What About

Right Now


Well isn’t that nice? See it’s not just about the little things, guys… it’s about where you are in the process of your life. If we are professional negative seekers, we can spot a problem a million miles away without a  sense that we are “right where we need to be.”

Lets stay centered and grounded in the NOW as immune booster to “The Yeah Buts.”

We can do this together, once we put a name to this seemingly harmless thing we do on a daily basis, we can start to focus on the moment. And it’s nice here in the moment isn’t it…. Yeah but I really need to get off the computer…And there it is!


Immunize yourself today against the “Yeah Buts,” you’ll feel better I promise!

The Birth of the “Awakening to Your Divine Self” Oracle Deck

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Following a Soul-Inspired Idea

» Originally posted by Leanne Chapman on her blog at

It’s been a while since I posted here – so much has been happening and I plan to catch up during December – but to finish off this month I have an amazing story of creative inspiration from my friend Jill Chesrow of Inner Alignment Mandalas. This is the story of how she and an inspired group of women from all over the world came together to bring a dream to life. I love how she reminds us we don’t have to know the full ‘how’ in order to begin taking action towards creating our dreams. You can read more about Jill below.

Blog-ClaimYourTreasure-Deck Image
Have you ever had an idea come to mind and it just felt so right? Like it came from far beyond your everyday thoughts and ideas? Maybe you felt completely lit up and experienced a full body YES! Perhaps it was an answer to a question you had been posing to the Universe, or maybe it came in the form of a vision. Most likely it was a combination of these things.

We get Soul-Inspired Ideas all the time, but we don’t always pay attention to what comes through.

If you have ever caught a Soul-Inspired Idea, what did you do with it?

If you are like me and many others I know, you either left it floating around in your head or perhaps you wrote it down in one of your many notebooks that are filled with your ideas. You may even have taken some action steps to get it going but once the energy got denser, and the doubts and fears began kicking in… you let it go and stopped giving any positive attention to it.

That is oftentimes the beginning and end of a Soul-Inspired Idea, but it doesn’t have to be. The energy dynamics of this planet are changing as more and more people awaken to their Divine Self and begin to align with their purpose, passions, and gifts.

I encourage you to follow the energy of your next Soul-Inspired Idea. Watch where it is going. What are you being guided to do and where are you being directed next? You don’t have to know the how or all the details. Just take it one step at a time and continue to pay attention.

Blog-ClaimYourTreasure-Jill Samplerjpg
In June 2013, I was given a Soul-Inspired Idea. It came in a vision and shortly after I remembered that it was also an answer to some questions I had been contemplating.

My vision has a three-fold nature:

It is a way for me to give back to an incredible group of women who have shared their wisdom and love not only with me, but also with each other during life’s challenges and triumphs.
It is a way for them to share their intuitive art, beauty, wisdom, and love with the world in a bigger way.
Lastly, it is a way for us all to aid humanity to accelerate and integrate its awakening process.

Together with 38 other intuitive artists, healers, and teachers, this is our collective mission: “To aid another on their journey of awareness and awakening to their Divine Self.” With that mission held in our hearts, the Soul-Inspired idea of creating a powerful and unique oracle deck has come to life.

Blog-ClaimYourTreasure-Deck Back
We are the Fearless Sisters and we came together from a larger group of women called the Painting Tribe. This is an online community of women who celebrate and support one another on their life journey. What we share in common is a passion for life, a passion to create, and a passion to support others along the way.

This is our gift to our Sisters worldwide: via this oracle deck, we share intuitive symbolic images, inspired messages, and a piece of ourselves to help you navigate along life’s terrain.

Being Fearless doesn’t mean we don’t feel fear, but rather that we feel the fear and move through it… and sometimes that means doing it afraid. Almost always it means being surrounded and supported by each other along the way, and now we bring Wisdom and Love from the Fearless Sisters to you.

We support and encourage you along the way with your next Soul-Inspired Idea!

With Heart,

Jill Marie Chesrow and the Fearless Sisters

Fearless Sisters Videos Introducing the Deck

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fearless sisters from Corina Stupu Thomas on Vimeo.


Our own sweet and talented sister Corina Stupu Thomas has created this video presentation for Awakening to Your Divine Self Oracle Cards.

Decks are now available for purchase from individual artists.  Visit our artist pages for more details


The Decks Have Arrived!

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After months of hard-work and anticipation, our artists now have the oracle decks.

Awkening to Your Divine Self Oracle Cards


They came out beautifully. Nice over-sized cards with gold edging and a hefty little booklet. If you’d like to share in our excitement, you can only buy them directly from our artists. Come over to our Where to Buy page to see a list of who’s selling online.


We’ve also made some changes to our website. Each artist has her own page with links and some bio information, accessible through the Artists page. If you are a more visual person, we’ve also added a Gallery page with snippets of the cards to guide you to learning more about the artists who created them.


With Love From Your Fearless Sisters

Awakening ToYour Divine Self Oracle Deck

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Awakening to Your Divine Self Oracle Deck

Sneak Peak!

The Awakening to your Divine Self Oracle Deck has gone to print!


We are expecting the decks to arrive in the hands of our Artists in early December 2013.

We will have info on where to purchase the decks once they become available.

In the meanwhile, sign up to follow our blog so that you will be among the first to hear when the Oracle Deck is available for purchase.